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Gavin Fernandes
BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Phys, Grad Dip Manip Phys, MCSP, MAPA, SRP, Physiotherapist to 2 Olympic teams, each gaining Olympic Gold at the Sydney Olympics

"For me my search for 'my' martial art is over"

It is rare to find a martial art that teaches the secrets from the start - Wu Xing Dao - does this.

It is rarer still to find a master with such insight into his art and his students, to constantly pull out the very best from them - Marko Vesse - does this.

My 11 years experience with world class athletes, 6 years experience in martial arts and 4 years of boxing training has shown time and time again: the mark of a champion is the strength he draws from within.

Wu Xing Dao is an internal martial art. It brings out the students speed, power and fluidity of movement; regardless of age, gender, race or experience. It allows a student to grow subtly, physically, mentally and spiritually.

These changes are permanent, life-changing and ever evolving.

For me my search for 'my' martial art is over.



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